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How can I prevent my basketball hoop from rusting?

By Mega Slam Australia

Rust Protection for your New Basketball Hoop

The decision to purchase and select a basketball hoop for your family to enjoy requires a little homework to make sure you are buying the right system. If you are like most families this will not be your first time to purchase a new outdoor basketball net. Rust and corrosion are the two leading causes of system failure forcing you to become a repeat customer whether you want to be or not. This time around be sure to select a basketball hoop that is built with rust protection in mind.

The weather has an unmistakable impact on most of the outdoor items we purchase. Exposure to the elements can cause rust and corrosion and ultimately lead to premature system failure. Most basketball hoop manufacturers do not offer rust proof products. This is mainly due to the high cost of galvanization and stainless steel. There are very few that actually offer an extra layer of protection and most of the companies that do will undoubtedly charge you extra to do so.

Most high end outdoor basketball nets use plain carbon steel for the main pole and extension arms. The outer layer will either be an enamel based paint or powder coating to give the system its outer layer and color. Over time the outer layer will wear and eventually expose the metal understructure to be exposed to moisture and heat. Once this process occurs the metal will begin to rust and eat away at the metal. Over time the rusted metal loses its strength and rigidity and eventually fails. This can create not only an unsightly outdoor basketball net but also be very dangerous for the basketball players on your court.

All of the pivot points of a basketball hoop will be fastened with metal nuts and bolts. Most box store brands will not include stainless steel fasteners for the basketball hoop. You have probably seen other basketball systems with streaks of rust coming from the nuts and bolts. This is another way the big manufacturers cut cost without any concern about the customer long term. Once the pivot points rust the outdoor basketball net will seize up and not have the ability to adjust the way it was originally designed to.

Retail salespeople will eagerly tell you how great the basketball hoop on their display floor is. They have memorized the features of the basketball system and will tell you that it is the “best basketball hoop on the market”. The reality is that this sales person has no responsibility to you the customer post purchase. If you have any problems with your new basketball hoop the retail chain will direct you to call the manufacturer. This being said the retail sales guy doesn’t give much merit or concern to the product warranty provide by the basketball hoop manufacturer. Once it leaves the store it is out of their hands.

Researching the warranty of your new outdoor basketball net is vital. It is important to not only select a basketball system with rust protection but to also ensure that the warranty covers damage caused by corrosion. Families work hard for their money and if you are going to invest in a basketball hoop for you and your family to enjoy select one that will last a lifetime, guaranteed. Most consumers have found it beneficial to buy manufacturer direct to get a great price and the best customer service available both pre-purchase as well as after the sale.

Hopefully this article has educated you on what to look for in selecting a new basketball hoop. There are several options to choose from but if you consider all that you have learned today you will be better equipped to make the best buying decision for you and your family.

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